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New Badger Chemists!

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Bachelor's Degree Recipients

FALL 2020

• Jake Ryan Alexander
• Sammy Ausman * ** ***
• Jacqueline Alyce Biernat
• Nicole Ann Fossum
• Tessa Rose Hellenbrand
• Austin Mitchell Hunt
• Eunyoung Jang
• Taylor Ann Klungness
• Alexander Jake Knopf
• Andrew Lee
• Weiting Lyu
• Virginia Baker Mathu ***
• Shawn Patrick McLaughlin
• McKayla Marie Olig
• Ian Radspinner
• Thomas Clifford Rollo
• Muhammad Isha Faizin
Bin Saifullizam
• Morgan Schmitz
• Chance Lee Wilkinson-Johnson
• Andy Yan
• Zinan Yu ***
• Keer Zhao * ***
• Yuchen Zhao


• Cristina Joan Bahaveolos
• Brenna Bartels ***
• Emily Grace Benson *
• Grace Carlson ***
• Erin Chen
• Jingxiang Cheng
• Jacob M. Dahl
• Maja Isabella Eaton
• Owen Erpelding ***
• Benjamin Ryan Feingold * **
• Stephanie Frost
• Yuanzuo Gao ***
• Han Geng ***
• Anna Gerosolina
• Morgan Kate Gugger ***
• Lydia Jean Hoffman
• Derek Holik
• Ismael Ali Jaffri
• Mason Alexander Job
• Bridget Kaiser
• Madeline Kakacek
• Jared Alexander Klein
• Jack Gordon Knoke
• Rachel Ann Knutson **
• Rebecca Christine Kressuk
• Michael Richard Kuehne Jr.
• Maija Lee
• Ethan Leung
• John Michael Lilek
• Yueai Lin *
• Marina Minic
• Jonah Charles Nelson
• Edward M. Paulsen
• Corey Nathaniel Pedersen ** ***
• James Pfister
• Morgan Leah Richter
• Anuchit Rupanya * ***
• Dylan Monroe Snider ***
• Chester M. Sosnowski
• Jingxuan Tang *
• Marko Tupanjac **
• Blake Palmer, Waples
• Linnea Elizabeth Wust


• Sheila Ngoc Anh Duong
• Zachary James Ehmer
• Zachariah Georgakakis
• Dave Kaiman ***
• Turner Michael Luke
• Robert Sapienza
• Brendan Ivar Steinmetz
• Alfred Shiergetya

* Honors in the Major

** Honors in the Liberal Arts

*** Graduation with Distinction

Names missing from the list may appear in the 2020 or 2022 issues of Badger Chemist.

Master's Degree Recipients

• Alina Dao (Nathanson)
• Anthony DiBernardo (Tang)
• Xiao Dong (Yoon)
• Froylan Omar Fernandez
Candelaria (Burstyn)
• Gillian Good (Martell)
• Jiabao Guo (Li)
• Connor Huntwork (Hermans)
• Joshua Kreisel (Martell)
• Ethan Licht (Schomaker)
• Victoria Longley (Weix)
• Brandon Mehlenbacher
• Matthew Rossler (Yoon)
• Correy Vigil (Bertram)
• Keyu Zeng (Fredrickson)

Doctoral Degree Recipients

  • Manar Alherech (Stahl) Valorization of an Oxidative Lignin Depolymerization Stream with Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
  • Jaya Borgatta (Hamers) Understanding the influence of Cu-based nanoparticle properties on interactions with plant systems and disease suppression
  • Brian Cary (Gellman) Functional and structural studies of family B G protein-coupled receptors
  • Melissa Cendejas (Hermans) Investigation of Active Site Structure and Formation on Boron-Based Oxidative Dehydrogenation Catalysts
  • Sijie Chen (Stahl) Copper-Catalyzed Benzylic C(sp3)–H Cross Couplings: Methodology Development and Applications in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Yusi Cui (Li) Development and Application of Isobaric Labeling, ERLIC Separation, and Chemoproteomics Methods for Bioanalytical Research
  • Rebeca Fernandez (Brunold) Structural, Spectroscopic, and Kinetic Investigation of Cysteamine Dioxygenase
  • Alex Foote (Goldsmith) Time-resolved Multirotational Fluorescence Anisotropy Measurements of Single Molecules to Characterize Conformational Subpopulations of Solution-Phase Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
  • Isabel Foreman-Ortiz (Pedersen) Nanoparticle impact on membrane properties and embedded ion channels
  • Kevin Garcia (Weix) Greener Approaches to Cross-Coupling
  • Christopher Gravatt (Yoon) New Strategies for [2+2] Photocycloadditions of Aliphatic Alkenes
  • Elizabeth Greenhalgh (Brunold) Spectroscopic and Computational Investigations of Cobalamin Containing Enzymes
  • Matthew Hautzinger (Jin) Structure-Property Relationships of Halide Perovskite Semiconductors
  • Austin Henke (Hamers) Redox Reactions at Solid-Liquid Interfaces and Implications for Sustainability
  • Casey Howdieshell (Garand) Linear Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry and its Application for Cryogenic Ion Spectroscopy
  • Aurora Janes (Schmidt) Computational Modeling for Heterogeneous Catalysis of Aerobic Oxidation and Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction
  • Zachary Jones (Hamers) Optical Characterization of Fluorescent Diamond Nanoparticles in Complex Environments
  • Adam Klemen (Gellman) Potential Foldamers Based on an ortho-Terphenyl Amino Acid
  • Samantha Knott (Ge) Development of Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomic Approaches for the Study of Diseased Tissues
  • Caitlin Kozack (Stahl) Method Development and Mechanistic Investigation of Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Oxidation Reactions of Terminal Alkenes
  • Kate Kurgan (Gellman) Towards Crystallization of Single-Pass Transmembrane Domains
  • Xinyi Li (Schmidt) Simulate the nucleation of electrolytes with explicit solvents via two approaches
  • Zihui Li (Li) Advancing Quantitative Proteomics and Protein Post-translational Modification Analyses by Multi-Dimensional Mass Spectrometric Approaches
  • Dongyue Liang (Cui) Computational Studies at Nanomaterial-Biological Interfaces
  • Ann Lindberg (Choi) Development of Electrode Materials for (Photo)electrochemical Reactions
  • Lei Liu (Gellman) Exploration of Activity Profiles for Nylon-3 Polymers as Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics
  • Ann Lindberg (Choi) Development of Electrode Materials for (Photo)electrochemical Reactions
  • Erdong Lu (Fredrickson) Atomic Packing in Action: Chemical Pressure Directed Intergrowth in Chimney Ladders, Ternary Phosphides and Polar Intermetallics
  • Brock Lynde (Boydston) Challenges, Successes, and Opportunities in Investigating Novel Strategies for Polymer Synthesis
  • William McDermott (Hermans) Development of Boron-based Catalysts for the Selective Oxidation of Light Alkanes to Olefins
  • Robert Millikin (Smith) Algorithms for the Interpretation of Mass Spectra in Quantitative and Qualitative Proteomics
  • Jordan Nutting (Stahl) Overpotential in Organic Synthesis: Implications in Electrochemical Synthesis and Aerobic Catalysis
  • Vanessa Orr (McMahon and Woods) Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy and Structure Determination of Organic Molecules of Astrochemical Relevance
  • Marshall Padilla (Mecozzi) New Liquid Biomaterials for Nanoemulsion-mediated Drug Delivery
  • Sungho Park (Berry) Tailoring Metal-Based SOMOs for Pnictogen Reactivity
  • Andjela Radmilovic (Choi) Development of New Ternary Metal Oxide Photoelectrodes for Use in a Photoelectrochemical Cell
  • Jessica Roberts (Schomaker) Computational Modeling to Explore the Influence of Sterics, Electronics, and Non-Covalent Interactions on Reactivity
  • Zachary Rolfs (Smith) Novel Strategies for Identifying Endogenous Peptides and Determining Protein Turn-over Rates
  • Chase Salazar (Stahl) Mechanistic Insights Support Efficient Pd Catalysts for Oxidative C–H Arylation with O2
  • Daniel SantaLucia (Berry) Investigations of the Electronic Structures of Multimetallic Iron-Chalcogenide Clusters and Five-Coordinate Cobalt Complexes
  • Matthew Styles (Blackwell) Towards a mechanistic understanding quorum sensing agonism and antagonism: biophysical and biochemical investigations of LuxR-type receptor:ligand complexes
  • Aristidis Vasilopoulos (Stahl) Transition Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative Cross Coupling for Synthesis and Functionalization of Diverse Molecules
  • Michael Vermeuel (Bertram) The Influence of Complex Meteorology and Surface Heterogeneity on Oxidation in the Troposphere
  • Tingting Weng (Schmidt) Computational Modeling of the Stability and Reactivity of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks
  • Korbin West (Blackwell) The development of chemical tools to study cell-cell communication and virulence in Gram-positive bacteria
  • Yuzhou Zhao (Jin) Stacking and Twisting of Layered Materials Enabled by Screw Dislocations and Non-Euclidean Surfaces
  • Yanyu Zhu (Weisshaar) Single-Cell Detection of Antimicrobial Peptide’s Attack on Live E. coli by Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy

New Faculty & Staff

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Welcome New Faculty & Staff

  • Christina Bahaveolos, Laboratory Technician
  • Amber Bartz, Electronics Technician
  • Amanda Buchberger, Analytical Assistant Lab Director
  • Luke Carroll, Financial Specialist
  • Farzaneh Chalyavi (Zanni) Editor & Lab Manager
  • Tzu-Ling Chen (Goldsmith) Scientist
  • Gustavo Cruz Diaz (Widicus Weaver) Assistant Scientist
  • Irena Garic, Administrative Assistant
  • Erin Grunewald, Undergraduate Chemistry Specialist
  • Caleb Harris (Berry) Assistant Scientist
  • Xuhui Huang, Professor
  • James (Jim) Leu, IT Manager
  • Kent Meyer (Wright), Assistant Scientist
  • Tristan Rholl, Research Store Manager
  • Aaron Smith, Inventory Control Coordinator, Shipping/Receiving
  • Jackie Trate, Instructional Innovator
  • Alicia Walker, Administrative Assistant
  • Jeremy Weaver, Instructor & Curriculum Coordinator
  • Josef Wilkinson, Laboratory Technician
  • Jia Zhou, Instructor & Resource Specialist

In Memoriam

Please click here to visit our tribute page for Badger Chemists who have died. If you find that someone is missing, please let us know by emailing

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