2018 Graduation Celebration

UW-Madison Department of Chemistry Celebrates Graduating Students

May 11, 2018 — The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Chemistry celebrated 88 Bachelors of Science degrees, seven with honors; eight Masters of Science degrees, and 56 doctoral degrees at a ceremony with friends, family, faculty and staff.

The students graduating with bachelor’s degrees included five Hilldale Fellowship recipients, one student who received a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for undergraduate excellence in the sciences, seven honors graduates, and participants in five research publications with undergraduate authors. In addition, 81% of the graduating class conducted at least one semester of undergraduate research.

The graduate students also excelled while at UW-Madison, with four Advanced Opportunity Fellowships, one Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, nine National Science Foundation fellowships, two Graduate School fellowships, four National Institutes of Health fellowships, one Vilas Fellowship, and siz National Institutes of Health traineeships.