Construction Update 10/08/2018

Good news! This week we expect construction to begin on the new, permanent masonry wall that will separate our building from the demolition zone. The plan is to begin on the second floor of Daniels and work down floor by floor. Once the wall is complete there should be less noise in the north end of Daniels B, 1, and 2.

Materials to build the wall will come in the first floor of Daniels, go to the freight elevator, and then move along the second-floor corridor to where the library used to be. Thus, there will be significant construction traffic in the corridors on both the first and second floors of Daniels. Construction workers have been warned to avoid class-change times and to watch for students but nevertheless please remind students to watch for construction traffic and be aware of their surroundings.

Remember that in the sub-basement room S345 continues to be a construction area and staging area. The autoclave and washer/dryer in S345 are accessible, but anyone in this part of the sub-basement needs to be vigilant for construction activities.

Sometime this week or next we expect that a rest-room trailer will be installed at the south end of Daniels, accessible through both Daniels exits to Johnson Street. This is to replace the rest rooms on the second floor and basement of Daniels that are already behind construction barriers and the rest rooms on the first floor that will be cut off when the separation wall is built. Once the trailer is in operation, signs will be posted so that students know where it is. The rest-room trailer should reduce crowding in the existing rest rooms.

Within the next few weeks we expect a day without heat in all floors of Daniels. The plan is to do this when the weather report says we will have a warm day. This means that the building will not cool excessively, but also requires that we get very short notice of the outage probably a day. The outage will affect heat and hot water, but not ventilation or other facilities. We expect to send an email to everyone as soon as we know exactly when heat will be interrupted.

This was written at 4 pm Friday. Email updates will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon