Construction Update 10/15/2018

In the north ends of Daniels floors B, 1 and 2, much work has been completed in preparation for constructing the new,permanent masonry wall that will separate our building from the demolition zone. We expect construction of the separating wall will begin on the second floor of Daniels next week. The wall is being built from the second floor down. Once the wall has been completed there should be less noise in the north end of Daniels B, 1, and 2.

This week asbestos abatement moves from lab rooms 2341, 1341, and B341 to the large lecture halls. There also will be abatement of sink traps that may contain mercury. Continue to heed the warning signs on plastic sheeting separating these areas from our building. There will also be demolition of electric power and fire alarms north of the dividing line.

Watch out for construction traffic on the first floor between the Daniels atrium and the freight elevator and between the freight elevator and the north end of the basement. Please remind your students to complete their lab reports inside the laboratory or in the study room – not sitting on the floor in the corridor. Also, warn students to watch out for construction traffic in all corridors in Daniels B, 1, and 2. Remember that in the sub-basement room S345 will be a construction area and staging area. The autoclave and washer/dryer in S345 will continue to be accessible, but anyone in this part of the sub-basement needs to be vigilant for construction activities.

This was written at 4 pm Friday. As we get more information we will keep you posted.
John Moore and Bob McMahon