Construction Update 10/29/2018

Today (Monday, October 29) occupants of Shain Tower are asked to be on a  fire watch’: the fire sprinkler system will not be operable. Consider postponing any particularly hazardous procedures and be alert for fires. This is a consequence of repair of a water main that serves Shain tower. Water supply to labs, restrooms, etc. in Shain will not be affected only the sprinklers. The fire alarm system will be operable throughout the building complex. This repair project is scheduled for 7:00 am   4:00 pm on Monday October 29th. The construction crew, UW-Madison Environmental Health and Safety, Madison Fire Department, and the chemistry facilities team will all be monitoring progress of the repair.

The rest-room trailer is now at the south end of Daniels and will be open soon. It is accessible through both Daniels exits to Johnson Street. Once the trailer is in operation, signs will be posted so that students know where it is.

The old brick house attached to The Crossing (see photo below) has been demolished, caulk containing asbestos is being removed from the outside of the two-story part of Daniels, and stone has been spread behind the loading dock in preparation for a construction trailer and storage of construction materials. The area north of the loading dock has become an active construction area (see photo below) one that requires hard hats. Keep out of this area!

By next week a webcam will be installed on the roof of Chamberlin Hall and connected to the department website (URL available soon). We will be able to view demolition and construction of the new tower in real time. We will let everyone know when the camera goes live.
In the next few weeks we expect significant construction traffic in the corridors between the freight elevator and the north end of floors B, 1, and 2 Daniels. Please remind students on all floors to watch for construction traffic and be aware of their surroundings.

This was written at 4 pm Friday. Email updates will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon

Area north of loading dock
Remains of old brick house attached to The Crossing