2019 Badger Chemist, print edition

Group of people behind a table
Graduate students Diana Wang, Alyah Chmiel, and Dylan Holst, Professor Zach Wickens and artist Mario Fregoso work with children at the Wisconsin Science Festival, helping them understand how the elements of the periodic table exist in everyday life. Mario will work with other Department of Chemistry representatives (not pictured) Desiree Bates and Professor John Berry to use the children’s art as part of a Periodic Table mural in the Science to Street Art project. [Photo by Tatum Lyles Flick]

Congratulations New Badger Chemists!

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2018-2019 Bachelor’s Degree Recipients

Summer 2018

  • Kunal Dani’
  • Chase Gould
  • Will Guy
  • Tyler Hafeman
  • Bright Harichanwong
  • Zhenyang Jia
  • Kadina Johnston
  • Lexie Korndorf
  • Griffin Lynch
  • Zachary Matusinec
  • Hercules Nikolaou
  • Jessica Nurre
  • Tyler Rybarik
  • Ariana Saffold
  • Adarsh Suresh
  • Natha Tansukawat
  • Logan Tenney
  • Zachary Titel

FALL 2018

  • Dhruva Ajit Nair
  • David Beshensky
  • Jenna Caragiulo
  • Manish Dhungana
  • Grace Hyland
  • Sarah Jacobsen
  • Rezwana Karim
  • Tomoki Kato
  • Devin Ketelboeter
  • Jeewoo Kim
  • Emily Krueger
  • Runzhou Lai
  • Kelsey Lee
  • Jack McCann
  • Brock Milkent
  • Jacob Redovich
  • Nickolas Ruark
  • Emma Safrit
  • John Schroeder
  • Jenna Szalewski
  • Kayleigh Webber
  • Jessica Wu


  • Dylan Adams
  • Kasey Anton
  • Grace Armstrong
  • Joshua Berg
  • Karishma Bhawnani
  • Amber Bo
  • Sylvia Bohling
  • Jacob Buboltz
  • Tess Carlson
  • Jason Carmichael
  • Weston Cracraft
  • Benjamin Eliason*
  • Weiyang Guan*
  • Katie Hall
  • Tianhou Huang
  • Charlie Kirsh
  • David Klitzka
  • Analee Kosaian
  • Tevin Shu Li
  • Bernard Lim
  • Cody Owens
  • Jieun Park
  • Erin Patrick
  • Caitlin Pavelec*
  • John Piemonte
  • Timothy Pinkerton
  • Sarah Quinn*
  • Tyler Rasmussen
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Soren Rozema
  • Lydia Schackel
  • Minjung Shin
  • Jennifer Sowin
  • Katherine Thielen
  • Pajean Uchupalanun
  • Nic Wahl
  • William Wimbish
  • Zhi Yuan
  • Guansen Zhao

* Graduated with Honors

2018-2019 Master’s & Doctoral Degree Recipients


  • Becker, Greg
  • Hong, Jiewei (Cui)
  • Mat Lani, Amirah Syamila (Schomaker)
  • Peters, Sean (Coon)
  • Simmons, Christopher Joseph (Tang)
  • Utt, Caitlin Noelle (Schomaker)
  • Yang, Miao (Hamers)


  • Agrawal, Anurag (Weisshaar)
    Understanding Spatiotemporal Aspects of Antimicrobial Peptide Attack on Single, Live Bacteria Using Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Cardiel, Allie (Choi)
    Developing Cu-based Photoelectrodes and Electrocatalytic Processes for Efficient Solar Water Splitting and Biomass Conversion
  • Cesnik, Anthony Joseph (Smith)
    Computational Tools for Discovering Proteoforms in Complex Systems
  • Cheloha, Kristine Nicole (Brunold)
    Spectroscopic and Computational Study of the Role of Second Sphere Residues in Superoxide Dismutase and Extradiol Dioxygenase Metalloenzymes
  • Eddinger, Geoffrey Alan (Gellman)
    Diverse Design Strategies for the Development of Peptide Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Govindaraju, Gokul Vinayak (Choi)
    Development of Ternary Oxide-Based Semiconductors as Photoanodes for Use in Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Applications
  • Guillot, Sarah Lucienne (Hamers)
    Stabliity and Solvation Properties of Organosilicon Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Hilleke, Katerina (Fredrickson)
    Every Atom Heard: Advancing the Chemical Pressure Analysis and Elucidating Point Substitutions in Intermetallics
  • Hinton, Daniel Austin (Goldsmith)
    Enabling Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy Investigations of Chemical Reactions Using a Spiroconjugated BODIPY Fluorophore
  • Huang, Wen-Tsung (Nathanson)
    Investigation of Nitrogen Reduction by Electrochemically Generated Hot/Solvated Electrons and Hydrogen Atoms Using Insulatorcovered and Metal-oxidesemiconductor Electrodes
  • Hutchins, Paul D (Coon)
    Computational Strategies for the Generation and Analysis of Mass Spectrometry-based Lipidomics Data
  • Jaffett, Victor Ariel (Golden)
    Methods to Access Highly Functionalized Amidines, Novel Ring-Fused Quinazolinones, and Guanidines via Quinazolinone Rearrangement
  • Kearns, Nicholas Matthew (Zanni)
    Development of Ultrabroadband Non-linear Spectroscopy and Microscopy with Applications to Materials Systems
  • Knapper, Kassandra Ann (Goldsmith)
    Advanced Fabrication of Toroidal Optical Microresonators for Labelfree
    Photothermal Imaging and Specroscopy
  • Krerowicz, Sam John Waara (Schwartz)
    Restructuring of Large, Double-Stranded DNA Molecules through Self-Assembly to Form Microscale Objects
  • Kubota, Stephen Riley (Choi)
    Developing Catalytic Pathways for the Valorization of Biomass-Based Platform Molecules via Electrochemical Reduction and Oxidation Reactions
  • Li, Shuo (Hamers)
    Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in Diamond with Tunable Optical Properties
  • Love, Alyssa Marie (Hermans)
    Fundamental Studies on the Structure of Surface Oxide Sites on Supported Oxidative Dehydrogenation Catalysts
  • Ng, James David (Goldsmith)
    Single-Molecule Studies of Non-Aqueous Systems
  • Rank, Leslie (Gellman)
    Expanding upon the Antimicrobial Activity of Nylon-3 Polymers, Sequence Random Analogs of Host Defense Peptides
  • Rich, Kacie Lynn (Zanni)
    Cytotoxic Intermediates of Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Studied Using Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Wang, Larry (Stahl)
    Homogeneous Oxygen Reduction Catalyzed by Monomeric Cobalt Complexes
  • Wheeler, Garrett Paul (Choi)
    Electrochemical Synthesis of Iron-Based Semiconducting Electrodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting