Wisconsin Crystal Growing Competition Registration – Now Open

By Kaitlyn M. Moore
Department Communcations

Madison, WI – January 7, 2019– Calling all Wisconsin high school and middle school students and science teachers! Registration for the 2019 Wisconsin Crystal Growing Competition (WICGC), organized by the Molecular Structure Laboratory at UW-Madison’s Department of Chemistry, opens Tuesday, January 15!

Grow crystals and create crystal-inspired art to compete for the chance to win various prizes and a potential opportunity to work with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory and their Space Station Explorers (SSE) education program. This is a FREE competition, and anyone in the following groups can compete:

  • High school contest: Wisconsin high school students and home-schooled youths ages 14-18.
  • Middle school contest: Wisconsin middle school students and home-schooled youths ages 11-13.
  • Wisconsin high school and middle school science teachers.

(Individuals or teams of up to three students. There is no limit on the number of teams per school.)

This is the perfect opportunity and learning experience for students who are passionate about science, art, space, etc., so don’t let this pass you by! The competition will take place from March 1 to April 30, 2019, and all participants are invited to the awards ceremony held at the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry on May 24, 2019. Learn more about this opportunity and register at:  https://wicgc.chem.wisc.edu/

WHEN: January 15, 219—February 15, 2019
WHERE: https://wicgc.chem.wisc.edu/register/