Celebrate Day of the Badger

Day of the Badger Banner

By Caraline Pham
Department Communications

Happy April! As we kick off the first day of the new month, we are looking ahead to an exciting day, not only for the Department of Chemistry, but for the University as a whole.

April 9th is the University’s day of giving The Day of the Badger. The Day of the Badger exists to bring together Badgers in an effort to advance the University’s mission by bringing awareness to its achievements and raising critical funds to help the UW remain a world class educational institution.

Departments across campus will be competing for the highest level of participation. This friendly competition encourages Badgers to support a department they feel passionately about. With each donation made to the Department of Chemistry, an investment in the future is made. Donations are used to help fund research and projects like Assistant Professor Zachary Wickens’ work to discover new ways to control reactions and selectively break apart and then reassemble small molecules. Support reaches the Department in many factions and allows for us to function at our highest level.

Along with research, donations support work such as Tracy Drier’s master glassblowing which provides tools for the entire department (Click here to read more about his work). This work spans far outside of the Department of Chemistry, reaching the Madison community and beyond.

Here at the Department of Chemistry, we are especially proud and appreciative of all our alumni, faculty, staff and students. Due to our strong community, we are able to remain at the forefront of innovation and research. We pride ourselves on our highly interactive and collegial scientific environment. Our emphasis on collaboration connects us to colleagues across campus, around the country, and throughout the world. These connections and your generous support help us continue to excel in research and education.

The Day of the Badger is a day to celebrate our community— past, present and future. It is a day to show our passion and appreciation for the Department of Chemistry and Badger Chemists around the world.

Click here for more information on Day of the Badger.