Construction Update 09/08/2019

New Tower. Erection of rebar and concrete forms for walls of the east (Mills Street side) stairwell and the elevator shafts continued last week. After the bases of these walls are poured, waterproofing will be installed and ducts for electrical power can be completed. Then the area around the bases of the elevator shafts can be backfilled with gravel up to the level of the sub-basement floor. (The elevator shafts extend below floor level to allow space for the elevator car and equipment below the car.)

Photos of rebar forms for walls and workers preparing metal pieces of walls for a stairwell.

Also, concrete was poured for the lowest levels of several of the columns that will extend the full height of the new tower; they are less than a foot north of the remaining part of the Daniels wing. Proximity to the existing wall required contortions on the part of workers directing concrete from a bucket into the columns (see photo). Eventually the spaces between the columns will be filled in and constitute a wall that, together with the existing north wall of Daniels, will provide a fireproof separation between the new tower and Daniels. More columns will be poured this week.

Three workers wearing bright yellow shirts move concrete into a column where it pours down a piece of metal.

Mills Street Side of Daniels. The two area wells on the Mills Street side of the Daniels wing—right outside the teaching labs—are nearing completion. During the past two weeks stone has been delivered and backfilled around the north area well, bringing the area outside the well up to approximately the level it was before construction began. This provides a level space for the next phase of the Daniels sub-basement work: delivery of large electrical equipment through the north area well. A crane will lift transformers and a new emergency generator into the area well from trucks staged along Mills Street. Once lowered to the sub-basement level, each item of electrical equipment will be moved inside the building via a large doorway and then installed in its designated location.

Stone is pushed by a large piece of construction equipment and an area of concrete has walls on three sides.

Loading Dock. The loading dock will be closed for four days September 12 – 15 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) so that the driveway to the loading dock can be paved with asphalt. Should bad weather prevent work during that time, the paving will occur the following week on weekdays (due to a home football game Saturday). There may be other brief closures at unpredictable times.

This information is up to date as of Friday afternoon. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon