Construction Update 11/11/2019

New Tower. Despite the snow, melting snow, and cold weather, a lot of work has been done on the tower this past week. Last Thursday concrete was poured for the second-floor area that will become our new Information Commons (library). There was some concern that the weather might be too cold for the concrete to cure (hydrate) properly, so the fresh concrete was covered with an insulating blanket and headed from below. As of Friday afternoon, the temperature of the upper surface of the newly poured concrete was 71 oF and it was in the 90s in the plastic-enclosed, propane-heated area just beneath the floor. The outside temperature was 29 oF so the exothermic concrete-curing reaction and the heating from below were keeping the concrete warm. It is expected that the concrete will be cured sufficiently by Tuesday this week.

Construction Photos

Also poured last week were part of the first floor and part of the sidewalk area on the east side of the building. This week the rest of the first floor will be poured. After that, columns and walls for the stairwells will be extended above the first-floor level. Expect to see a forest of columns growing on the east side of the first floor as well as shoring and forms for the concrete floor of the second level on the east side.

Daniels. A lot of electrical equipment is being installed in the Daniels sub-basement in areas adjacent to the new diesel-powered emergency electric generator. Also, louvers have been installed in the exterior wall. These will bring air in from the outside through the north area well. At present they are covered to keep the sub-basement warm, but their installation marks completion of one aspect of the sub-basement work.

Construction Photos

At the north end of the first floor of Daniels a new heating system has been installed and is now operating. This is to heat the area where the pipe froze last winter, flooding the building when it thawed. In the same area the walls have been sealed against leaks of cold air coming in from outside. Given last week’s weather, this has come just in the nick of time.

Chemistry Learning Center. Work is proceeding nearly on schedule for renovation of space for the Chemistry Learning Center in the Medical Sciences Center diagonally across University Avenue and Charter Street from our building. Nearly all the demolition is done, and framing has been installed for one office. We can just begin to see what the renovated space will look like.

Construction Photos

Street Closures. On Wednesday, No­vember 13, North Mills Street will be closed between Conklin Court (the alley) and University Avenue. Access to Conklin Court will be from West Johnson Street. On Thursday, November 14, through Saturday, November 16, North Mills Street will be completely closed between West Johnson Street and University Avenue. An additional crane for the construction site will be delivered on the 13th and assembled in North Mills Street on the 14-16th. To accommodate the base of the crane, Mills Street will continue to be closed between University Avenue and Conklin Court from November 17, 2019 through June 30, 2020. Buses are being re-routed and route-change notices have been posted at bus stops that will be affected.

Loading Dock. The loading dock is scheduled to be closed all day Monday, November 11 so that gravel can be filled around the upper parts of the basement Also, there may be brief closures at unpredictable times.

This information is up to date as of Friday afternoon. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon