Construction Update 01/13/2020

Daniels Eighth Floor. Installation of sprinklers began last week and is proceeding according to plan. Last Monday morning about a dozen people from the construction team, FP&M, and chemistry checked that the eighth floor was ready for workers to begin drilling through walls and installing pipes. Occupants of the eighth floor had prepared the area well and work began on Tuesday. There has been some noise on the eighth and ninth floors, but overall things are going smoothly. By Thursday large carts with 10-foot lengths of pipe were in the area and pipes were being installed on the Mills-Street side of the eighth floor. On January 20 workers will move to the other side of the floor and by January 28 they will begin work on the seventh floor.

Construction workers assess parts of the building.

Sheets of plastic cover equipment in preparation for sprinkler installation.

Daniels Sub-Basement. Work in the sub-basement continues with wires being pulled through conduits for connection to the emergency generator. The thickness of the wires and the size of the switches needed to control circuits reflects the large quantities of power needed to serve a building as large and complex as ours.

New Tower. The tower continues to rise. Last Thursday concrete was poured on the fourth floor of the Mills Street side of the tower. A pump truck located in Mills Street extended its boom as far as it could reach across the fourth floor and much of the area was poured; however, even with the boom nearly horizontal, the pump truck could not reach the westernmost part of the area to be poured. Consequently, the pump truck had to be relocated to the loading-dock area and there was an unexpected closing of our loading dock on Thursday.

The boom arm of a concrete truck reaches toward a cement pour location.

There will be more loading-dock closures in the near future because the shoring in the sub-basement intended to support a large pump truck along University Avenue has been deemed insufficient. Therefore, the pump truck must be located either in the loading-dock area or along Mills Street and the Mills-Street location does not provide sufficient reach.

If you have walked along University Avenue or looked out from the loading dock or our existing buildings, you have seen that shoring and decking are in place for the west side of the fifth floor. The view across University Avenue is severely restricted. Soon concrete will be poured on the fifth floor, which is level with the fifth floors in Daniels, Mathews, and Shain. More than 100 workers are on the job every day in areas from the sub-basement to the fifth floor to make this rapid rise of our building happen. If you happen to see any of them, make sure to let them know that we appreciate what they are doing.

Sections of decking are added to the building.

Loading Dock. There will be a loading-dock closure within the next eight days; however, the exact date is not yet known. There may be brief closures at unpredictable times.

This information is up to date as of Friday afternoon. Email bulletins will be provided as needed.
John Moore and Bob McMahon