New building scheduled to open for Spring

The new Department of Chemistry tower, which was supposed to open in the Fall of 2021, is now scheduled to open for classes in the Spring of 2022, according to the Facilities Committee. As part of a $133 million upgrade to the building complex, the tower is poised to serve the rapidly increasing number of undergraduate students at UW–Madison.

Write-up rooms with adjoining labs offer students a place to reflect on, discuss and better understand the chemical reactions behind experiments. Pictured above, the write-up room has seating arranged for group work; an organic lab is in the background.“New fire codes posed some problems that delayed the opening of the new building,” said Department Chair Clark Landis. “We have every expectation that these problems will be surmounted and that the building will be open for the Spring semester.”

The new building will support the undergraduate program with new collaborative-learning spaces, an information commons (library) geared to online information services, lecture rooms that encourage group work as well as presentations, state-of-the-art laboratories with adjacent write-up rooms and facilities to support undergraduate research and an advanced synthesis course.

The UW–Madison Department of Chemistry’s new tower is scheduled to open in time for the Spring 2022 semester.