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  • Jennifer Sowin

    Jennifer Sowin

    Jennifer Sowin is an undergraduate chemistry major, who came to UW-Madison from St. Francis Xavier High School in Appleton, WI. What led you to the University of Wisconsin-Madison? Although I went to a small, private …

  • Wenqi Shen

    Wenqi Shen, a first-generation undergraduate majoring in biochemistry, came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison from Beijing No.80 High School in China. What led you to the University of Wisconsin-Madison? Growing up in Beijing, I naturally preferred …

  • Rebecca Blank and Tess Carlson

    Tess Carlson

    Tess Carlson receives a Hilldale Research Fellowship from Chancellor Rebecca Blank at the Chancellor’s Award Ceremony in Spring 2018.   Tess Carlson, a UW-Madison chemistry major, came to the university from Hamilton High School in …

  • Eleanor Landwehr

    Eleanor Landwehr

    “I love the idea of doing new things that no one else has ever done, and continually building on my knowledge.”

  • Brian Ferrer

    Brian Ferrer

    “Of course you want the reaction to work the way you’re expecting, but sometimes an unexpected reaction could be just as valuable. A lot of great discoveries in history happened by accident, so it’s not …

  • Joey Corstvet

    Joey Corstvet

    “There are three reasons I got involved. The first was the desire to gain experience in a research setting. The second reason was to fulfill the lab credits needed to graduate, while the third reason …

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