Chemistry building project adds space and learning opportunities

Project Funding

Fundraising for the new building, including completion of the tower’s fourth-floor research labs, is ongoing. If you would like to help, Donate Here.

The Chemistry Building Project will help us:

  • Enhance degree programs important to the Wisconsin economy, such as medicine, biotechnology, engineering, chemical and biological science, and health sciences
  • Accommodate greatly increased student demand for courses in STEM disciplines
  • Incorporate modern safety practices and safety training
    Implement modern instructional techniques

Project features include:

  • Expanded and renovated general chemistry labs
  • New organic, analytical, physical, undergraduate research project, and advanced synthesis labs
  • New lecture rooms and a flexible active learning classroom
  • Student support space for undergraduate advising
  • Transformation of the Chemistry Library into an information commons
  • Crucial upgrades to existing air supply and exhaust systems
  • Safety upgrades for the building complex (fire sprinklers, fire alarm, building security)