Inside UW-Madison’s new Chemistry Tower: modern labs, study spaces and a ‘library of the future’

Goodbye, crowded chemistry labs. So long to space crunches so severe that some 20% of UW-Madison students took introductory organic chemistry at a different university.

UW-Madison opened its gleaming nine-story Chemistry Tower to students this semester after months of construction delays. The new building at 1101 University Ave. will ease enrollment bottlenecks that have plagued the department for decades.

Construction Update 07/13/2020

A Walk Around the Chemistry Block. From almost every angle the exterior appearance of the chemistry-building complex has been altered by the construction project. From the south, Daniels has been extended upward by the huge …

Construction Update 05/11/2020

This week’s presentation at the department meeting chronicled progress on several projects the Facilities Committee has overseen. It provides a visual tour of the new chemistry tower from the sub-basement up to the ninth-floor mechanical …