Department of Chemistry Awards


A long, rich tradition of generous support from alumni and friends allows the Department of Chemistry to give out
more than $230,000 in departmental scholarships, fellowships and awards each year. The individuals and families
who support these awards help educate the next generation of scientists.


Ackerman Scholarship
Donald and Mary Jane Ackerman established the Ackerman Scholarship fund in memory of their sons, David and Donald Ackerman, who attended UW-Madison in the 1960s.

ACS-Hach Land Grant Undergraduate Scholarship
The scholarship was established by Clifford and Kitty Hach in 1982 and is awarded to undergraduates who plan to teach high school chemistry after graduation.

Alfred L. Wilds Scholarship
Established in 1985 by inventor Chester Davis (M.S. 1945, chemistry), this scholarship honors former UW-Madison chemistry
Professor Alfred Wilds.

Alpha Chi Sigma Alumni Endowed Scholarship
This award is funded from an endowment established in 2006 for the purpose of providing undergraduate support to students in chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering at UW-Madison.

Andrew Dorsey Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is in memory of Andrew Dorsey, who received his B.S. from UW-Madison in 2000, double-majoring in chemistry and German while researching with Professor Dan Rich. Andrew died in 2001 while pursuing a doctorate at UC-Berkeley. His parents established this scholarship for chemistry students at UW-Madison.

Department of Chemistry Chair’s Scholarship
In recognition of excellence in undergraduate chemistry, the Department honors students with this prestigious award.
Don Brouse Memorial Scholarship A bequest in the will of Margery Brouse (B.S. 1929, home economics) established this fund in 1990. It is in memory of her late husband Don, who received a doctorate in chemistry from UWMadison in 1931.

Edward J. Panek Memorial Scholarship
As a college student at UW-Madison, Edward (B.S. 1963, chemistry) conducted undergraduate research with Professor Howard Zimmerman, which sparked his interest in a career in chemistry. He taught at Tulane University, then joined the R&D branch of BASF in Michigan. His wife, Mary, established this scholarship in his memory.

Edwin M. and Kathryn M. Larsen Scholarship
Edwin Larsen, (B.S. 1937, chemistry) worked for the Manhattan Project, then joined UW-Madison in 1946 as an inorganic chemistry faculty member. He and his wife, Kathryn, established this scholarship for students who conduct research in the department.

Eugene and Patricia Kreger Herscher Scholarship
Patricia Herscher received a B.S. in chemistry from UW-Madison in 1955. Her husband, Eugene, established this scholarship in 2002.

Francis Craig Krauskopf Memorial Award
This award honors Francis Craig Krauskopf (Ph.D. 1907, chemistry), a former UW-Madison chemistry professor, who taught general chemistry throughout his entire career, beginning in the early 1900s.

George J. and Arleen D. Ziarnik Scholarship
George Ziarnik received a B.S. in chemistry from UW-Madison in 1957. He worked for Esso/Exxon, developing new types of polymers in New Jersey and Belgium.

Henry and Eleanor Firminhac Chemistry Scholarship
This scholarship is in memory of Ralph Firminhac’s parents. Ralph received his degree from UW-Madison in 1941. He worked on the Oakridge Project in the 1940s, for Halliburton in the 1950s, and retired from Boeing. He died in 2000.

Ieva L. Reich Undergraduate Scholarship
James Berbee (B.S. 1985, M.S. 1987 mechanical engineering; MBA 1989) and Karen Walsh (B.S. 1981, M.S. 1989, journalism) created this award in honor of Ieva Reich, who taught thousands of undergraduates during her time as a lecturer at UW-Madison.

James J. Leddy Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2008, honors James J. Leddy (Ph.D. 1955), who studied with Professor Edwin Larsen and worked as a research chemist at Dow Chemical Company.

John W. and Elizabeth A. Moore Award for Excellence
Professor John Moore and his wife, Elizabeth, who also works in the Department of Chemistry, established this award fund to recognize students who excel in Chemistry 109, Advanced General Chemistry, and Chemistry 108, Chemistry in Our World.

Karen M. Telander Undergraduate Research Award
Marc Muskavitch (B.S. 1975, biochemistry) established this fund in honor of his late wife, Karen (B.S. 1975, chemistry, biochemistry), an adjunct assistant professor of biology at Boston College.

Lindsey T. Plank and Richard H. Putze Memorial Scholarship
Lindsey Plank and Richard Putze worked in the Chemistry Department to help create, prepare, and conduct chemistry demonstrations for lectures. They were engaged and died while still in school. Established by Lindsey’s uncle, James Maynard (B.S. 2000, chemistry), this fund supports students who are involved in chemistry demonstrations.

Mabel Duthey Reiner Scholarship
Mabel received a master’s from UW-Madison in 1928. A trust established in 1972 endows the Mable Duthey Reiner Scholarship,
which is intended to encourage women undergraduate students pursuing the study of chemistry at UW-Madison.

Margaret McLean Bender Scholarship
As a scientist, Margaret Bender investigated radiocarbon dating and the mechanisms of photosynthesis. She worked at UW-Madison as director of the UW Radiocarbon Laboratory and was affiliated with the UW Center for Climate Research and the Institute for Environmental Studies. She was married to former chemistry Professor Paul Bender.

Martha Gunhild Week Scholarship
Martha Gunhild Week grew up in northern Wisconsin and graduated with a BS in natural sciences in 1884. In 1922, her will established a fund for women majoring in chemistry.

Richard Fischer Scholarship
Richard Fischer came to Wisconsin in 1894 and joined the pharmacy program as an instructor. He joined the Chemistry Department in 1909 and later established this scholarship in his will.

Robert Franklin Taylor Scholarship
This fund was established by Robert Fredrick Taylor in memory of his father, Robert Franklin Taylor (Ph.D. 1941, chemistry).

Saco Polymers Scholarship
Saco Polymers established this award to increase the company’s visibility on campus and encourage the next generation of chemists and scientists.

Undergraduate Student Support in Chemistry Scholarship
Harold (B.S. 1940, bacteriology; Ph.D. 1944, physiological chemistry) and Regine Deutsch established this scholarship in 1997.

Walter W. and Young-Ja C. Toy Scholarship
Walter Toy (B.S. 1945, M.S. 1946, chemistry) worked at Rohm and Haas Co. for many years. Because he had received a departmental scholarship in the 1940s, he and his wife, Young-Ja, established this scholarship fund in order to continue the cycle of generosity.

Wayland E. Noland Research Fellowship
Following college, Wayland Noland (B.S. 1948, chemistry) earned a doctorate in chemistry from Harvard University. He retired as a chemistry faculty member at the University of Minnesota, after more than 64 years of service.


Stephen D. Morton Research Award
Stephen Morton (B.S. 1954, Ph.D. 1962, chemistry) established this award and attributes his career success to the quality of his education at UW-Madison. This award is given jointly to an undergraduate mentee and a graduate student mentor.


Charles P. and Martha L. Casey Excellence in Research Award
Charles Casey, emeritus professor of chemistry, and Martha
Casey, emerita assistant vice chancellor for academic planning and analysis, established this fund to benefit outstanding chemistry graduate students. Both Charles and Martha hold doctorates in chemistry and have been part of the UW-Madison campus community for more than 45 years.

Eastman Summer Research Award
Eastman Chemical Company Research Division established this graduate student summer support award to recognize outstanding research achievement in the areas of organic, inorganic, or bio-organic chemistry.

Eli Lilly Organic Fellowship
Eli Lilly and Company established this award to increase the company’s visibility on campus and honor outstanding graduate student scientists studying organic chemistry.

Eli Lilly Summer Fellowship
Selected in-coming graduate students are invited to conduct a summer research internship at Eli Lilly with support from this Fellowship. This award was established in 2016.

Farrington Daniels Ethical Leadersip Award
William (Ph.D. 1946, chemistry) and Virginia Hendrickson established this award in 2004 in honor of William’s doctoral advisor, former Professor Farrington Daniels.

Gary Parr Memorial Award
Thelma Parr established this award in 1998 in memory of her son, Gary (Ph.D. 1973, chemistry).

Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee Mentor Award
These awards recognize graduate students, postdocs, academic staff, and faculty who have had a profound impact on graduate
students in the department. Graduate student mentors can be any member of the chemistry community who have dedicated time to the development and growth of a student’s career. The mentor awardees are selected based on effective mentorship traits as well as their involvement and effect on mentee personal and academic growth.

Harlan L. and Margaret L. Goering Organic Chemistry Fellowship
Margaret Goering established this fund in 2004 in honor of her late husband, Harlan L. Goering, a former UW-Madison professor of chemistry.

Hirschfelder Prize Graduate Award
Elizabeth Hirschfelder established this award in 1993 in honor of her late husband, Joseph O. Hirschfelder, a former UW-Madison professor of chemistry.

John and Beverly Schrag Analytical Chemistry Outstanding Peer Award
This award honors John Schrag, former UW-Madison chemistry professor, and his wife, Beverly. It celebrates a peer-nominated
graduate student, committed to pursuing excellence in teaching/mentorship, leadership, scientific excellence, and community building throughout their tenure.

K.V. and Sara Reddy Award in Physical Chemistry
K. V. Reddy (Ph.D. 1977, chemistry) is an expert in fiber-optics laser and amplifiers, founder of PriTel Inc, and a member of the
Department of Chemistry Board of Advisers. He and his wife, Sara, established this award to honor excellence in Physical Chemistry.

Leah Cohodas Berk Award for Excellence in Chemistry Research
The fund was established with a gift from Myra Cristall in 2001. The purpose of the award is to honor a graduate student doing
special research in chemistry.

Michael W. McCoy Memorial Scholarship
Bill and Sue McCoy established this scholarship in memory of their son, Michael, who died suddenly in 2010. He was a graduate student in materials program and a member of the Hamers group. This scholarship honors graduate students who, like Michael, exemplify a love of life, love of people, and love of chemistry.

Paul J. Bender Memorial Award
This award honors Paul J. Bender, who helped created the instrument center, served as its director, and worked for the
Department of Chemistry until he retired in 1979.

Pei Wang Fellowship
This scholarship was established through an estate gift from Pei Wang (Ph.D. 1952, chemistry) and provides support for chemistry graduate students.

PPG Industries Mentoring Award
PPG established this award to increase the company’s visibility on campus and to recognize remarkable dedication on the part of graduate students involved in mentoring undergraduates.

Ralph F. Hirschmann – Daniel H. Rich Award in Bio-organic Chemistry
Ralph Hirshmann (Ph.D. 1950, chemistry) established this award in honor of his friend Daniel Rich, a former UW-Madison professor of chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences.

Richard and Joan Hartl Excellence in Research Award
As a chemistry major, Richard (B.S. 1960, chemistry) worked with Professor Farrington Daniels. The Hartls support this award as a way to honor the strong chemical education Richard received at UW-Madison, which prepared him for a career as an industry leader at GE, Avery Dennison, and Calmar.

Robert C. Doban Mentorship Award
During his career, Robert Doban (Ph.D. 1952, chemistry) led scientific and technical operations at Owens Corning and DuPont.
This award serves to encourage graduate students who are involved in mentoring undergraduates.

Roger J. Carlson Graduate Award
Edward and Marjorie Carlson established this award in honor of their son, Roger (Ph.D. 1989, chemistry).

Sam C. Slifkin Award in Chemistry
Sam Slifkin (B.S. 1942, chemistry) established this award to recognize chemistry students who are doing excellent research in organic, inorganic, or organometallic chemistry.


Academic Staff Excellence Award
This award recognizes outstanding individual service/contribution to the Chemistry Department by members of the Academic Staff.