John Nicholas Brunn

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2020 (Yoon)

Position title: Honors Candidate

Professor Tehshik P. Yoon
Future Plans
I will be attending the University of California-Berkeley for Ph.D. studies in organic chemistry.


My favorite memory of being a chemistry major is working in both an academic and research lab setting. Working alongside my friends to solve problems, work up data, and discuss our work on projects or labs will always be an endearing time to me. Additionally, having the opportunity to work with an outstanding graduate student mentor, PI, and wonderful lab members in a research setting will be a special experience I will always carry with me. Both of those experiences have shaped me into the chemist I am today and I will forever cherish them.


John is from Rochester, Minnesota, graduating with a BS in chemistry and a certificate in mathematics. He is currently an undergraduate researcher in the Yoon Laboratory, having joined in August, 2018, and is exploring a photocatalyzed C-H amination reaction.


Congratulations John Brunn



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