Carmen Ibrahim Daoud

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Summer 2020

Position title: Candidate for Distinctive Scholastic Achievement

Hometown: Madison, WI

Future Plans
I am going to be working for S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. this year. I am going to be working in the manufacturing plant as a Chemical Engineer. I can't wait to explore the positions at S.C. Johnson more to see how I can apply the knowledge I gained from my Chemistry degree even more.
Carmen Daoud
Carmen Daoud
Carmen Daoud with BioTech Bucky.


Carmen Daoud
Carmen Daoud

My favorite memory of being a Chemistry undergrad student is going to the lab and applying the experiments that I learned in class. There is something about visually performing the reactions that makes Chemistry just that much more exciting.


I moved to the U.S. to continue my education in 2014. Before moving, I lived in the United Arab Emirates all my life. I love baking and watching shows in my free time. I am actually double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, with a certificate in Biology in Engineering. Since Chemistry has always been my favorite subject, I decided to major in it to explore and learn about Chemistry even more. I personally didn’t even know that there are that many Chemistry branches until I majored in it!



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