Kellen Lynn Delaney

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Spring 2020 (Li)

Professor Lingjun Li
Mass Spectrometry Methods and Applications for Functional Characterization of the Crustacean Neuropeptidome
Kellen Delaney


  • DeLaney, K.; Li, L. Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Large Volume Sample Stacking Injection for Improved Coverage of C. borealis Neuropeptidome. Analyst. 2020, 145(1), 61-69. PMID 31723949.
  • DeLaney, K.; Li, L. Data Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry Method for Improved Neuropeptidomic Coverage in Crustacean Neural Tissue Extracts. Analytical Chemistry. 2019, 91(8), 5150-5158. PMID 30888792.
  • DeLaney, K.*; Cao, W.*; Ma, Y.; Ma, M.; Zhang, Y.; Li, L. PRESnovo: Prescreening Prior to de novo Sequencing to Improve Accuracy and Sensitivity of Crustacean Neuropeptide Identification. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2020.


Kellen grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and completed her undergraduate degree at Penn State, doing research with Dr. Dan Sykes. While at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her research focused on developing mass spectrometry methods for studying neuropeptides in a crustacean model organism.



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