Stephanie Frost

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Fall 2020

Future Plans
I have plans to continue to a PhD program. I am going to attend USF to continue my studies in a Chemical Education Research PhD program. I am hoping to focus on understanding general chemistry or organic chemistry better, and I hope to continue into a post-doc after as well.
Person standing in big glass building near a balcony

Hometown: Gurnee, Il

I’m Stephanie, a chemistry and French major originally from Gurnee, IL. I initially was going to study biochemistry, but I fell in love with organic chemistry and found a passion for chemistry. I focused my chemistry major mostly around organic, but my future career will be based around chemical education research. I hope to remain in organic chemistry education, however. I have also had a jumpstart to my teaching career through the Lab Assistant (LA) program and the Undergraduate Assistant program. I have been an LA for chemistry 104 for two semesters, and my third semester I was an LA for chemistry 109. I then moved to a teaching assistant position for chemistry 104 to cap off my final semester of college. My passion for teaching and my questions surrounding chemistry education is what sparked my passion to do a career in chemical education research.


I think my favorite memory isn’t a specific moment, but just the times in-person where I would get to know my instructors better and attending the undergraduate supergroup meetings. Lectures in the chemistry department always ended up being a highlight of my day with the side-jokes a lot of the instructors have (I’m a sucker for chemistry jokes :’) ).

Congratulations, Steph! It was a lot of fun having you in 547 and I wish you all the best as you start the next stage of your career!                           - Dan Weix