Gillian Good

Credentials: Chemistry MS, Summer 2021 (Martell)

Professor Jeff Martell
A Combinatorial DNA-Based Approach to Develop Chemically Diverse Receptors
Future Plans
I am currently searching for a job in the biotech industry and am excited to use the skills I have used at UW-Madison in my career.


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I was always interested in science but music was my main pursuit in grade school, so my family and friends were quite suprised when I told them I wanted to study chemistry. Now six years later I am graduating with a M.S. in chemistry and I wouldn’t change a thing. I obtained my B.S. in chemistry from Millersville University in 2019, where I worked on a variety of research projects including synthesis of natural product derivatives and red-shifted fluorescent dyes. My interests diverged from organic synthesis towards the end of my time at Millersville, and my current work is focused on developing tools at the interface of chemistry and biology. More specifically, I’ve worked to design and validate a DNA-based sensor platform for detection of biomarkers relevant to various disease states. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support of the world-class scientists and mentors I have worked with at Millersville and UW-Madison, and am excited to begin the next chapter!

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory is carpooling with my awesome labmate Ashley Ogorek. Our discussions spanned the whole gammet, from the most recent exciting finding or frustration in our experiments to religion, government, and our weekend adventures. I’ll always cherish that time and will miss her greatly!