Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee Mentor (GSFLC) Award

Credentials: GSFLC

Position title: Graduate Award


Nature’s 2017 PhD survey revealed that mentorship contributed more to respondent’s overall satisfaction with their PhD program than did any other factor. To highlight the importance of quality mentorship and reward good mentors for their positive impact on the departmental work culture, the annual Mentor Awards are granted by the GSFLC (Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee) to recognize graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and academic staff/faculty who have had a profoundly positive impact on graduate students or postdoctoral researchers in the department. Any member of the chemistry community who has dedicated time to development, growth, or guidance during a graduate student’s or postdoctoral researcher’s career is eligible for a nomination. The nominations are judged with the following criteria in mind: 1) involvement of mentor in personal/academic growth; 2) effect mentor has had on personal/academic growth; and 3) traits that define the individual as an effective mentor.