Elizabeth Alice Haberland-Ervin

Credentials: Chemistry BA, Spring 2020

Position title: Honors Candidate

Hometown: Madison, WI

Research Advisor
Professor Robert J. Hamers
Graduate Student Mentor
Liz Laudadio
Investigating a Library: Increase Lapham and the Foundations of Wisconsin Conservationism
Thesis Advisor
Dr. Robin Rider
Elizabeth Haberland-Ervin


Finally getting to Pchem with just chemistry majors, and realizing we’re all sarcastic and hilarious.


Elizabeth Haberland-Ervin declared her Chemistry major at the end of her freshman year. She joined the Hamers group working with Liz Laudadio on phosphate interactions with nano materials. The team became Liz^2. Liz Laudadio was a major influence on Elizabeth, and encouraged her to apply for numerous scholarships and programs. Thanks to this collaboration Elizabeth was able to present at the (virtual) ACS Conference this Spring. Elizabeth graduates with two degrees, one in chemistry and one in history of science. She was a member of the honors program and graduates with comprehensive honors.

Elizabeth Haberland-Ervin
Elizabeth Haberland-Ervin



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