Austin Henry Henke

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Summer 2020 (Hamers)

Professor Robert J. Hamers
Future Plans
I don't currently have a job lined up for after graduation: that is something I'm currently think/working on. I am interested in pursuing a post-doc position, possibly with a mix of teaching and research responsibilities. My longer-term career goals involve becoming a professor at a teaching-focused institution, with a research program ideally bridging my interests in science and humanities. Having recently been married (Katie Buxton Henke, also in UW-Madison Chemistry), we took as short trip, but have delayed taking our official "honey-moon" until after we graduate. We plan to travel somewhere in Northern/Western Europe.


  • Henke, A. H., Saunders, T. P., Pedersen, J. A., & Hamers, R. J. (2019). Enhancing Electrochemical Efficiency of Hydroxyl Radical Formation on Diamond Electrodes by Functionalization with Hydrophobic Monolayers. Langmuir, 35(6), 2153–2163.
  • Henke, A. H., Laudadio, E. D., Hedlund Orbeck, J. K., Hoang, N., Murphy, C. J., Feng, Z. V., Hamers, R. J. Redox-mediated Dissolution of Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2) Nanoparticles from IInteraction with Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NADH) and Glutathione (GSH). In preparation
  • Buchman, J. T., Bennett, E. A., Wang, C., Tamijani, A., Bennett, J. W., Hudson, B. G., … Haynes, C. L. (2020). Nickel enrichment of next-generation NMC nanomaterials alters material stability, causing unexpected dissolution behavior and observed toxicity to S. oneidensis MR-1 and D. magna. Environmental Science Nano, 7, 571–587.


I have many great memories interacting with my group, Hamers group. Lots of great people past and present, we have had so much fun at group outings, joking in the office, and surviving/thriving in some tough times (flood, COVID, etc.). In particular our yearly group retreat. I also have fond memories interacting with fellow first year students working on homework or just chilling in the TA office. And of course, the GSFLC board game nights!


I’m from O’fallon, Missouri and graduated from Truman State University in 2015 with a degree in Chemistry and minors in classical studies and Ancient Greek. During my undergraduate (and high school) time I also participated in marching band, drumline, and the international student community. Clearly I love science and math, and, as evidenced in my minors and activities, I also love history, geography, language, music, and other cultures. I decided to go to graduate school because of summer undergraduate research experiences and my desire to pursue an academic career. During graduate school, my interest and experience in teaching, mentoring, and science outreach has grown through participation in the Delta teaching program, the GSFLC outreach subcommittee, Science Saturdays, and acting as a TA for several courses. I’m proud of the research accomplishments I’ve made, the students I’ve impacted, and all that I’ve learned in the passed five years.

Hamers Group Outside

Hamers Group


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