The unbelievably supportive faculty and peers at UW Madison are a huge part of the reason I had such a great experience and was so successful. My personal favourite memory is working on a perovskite group project for Chem 329, we had an awesome group of people and collaborating to do research was extremely rewarding. Shoutouts to Cassie, John and Rodney!


Sean transferred to Madison after starting a business degree with a minor in chemistry at the Technical University in Munich, wanting the American research experience. He regards this as the best decision he ever made. Sean stumbled into Sam Gellman’s lab after his first semester, and has been performing and loving research ever since. His main work revolved around synthesis and characterisation of Nylon-3 polymers, working with Lei Liu who was a fantastic mentor. Outside the lab Sean has enjoyed sailing with Hoofers on lake Mendota and being part of the German and Sheepshead clubs. This Fall Sean is starting his PhD in chemistry at Princeton University, hoping to expand his knowledge regarding organic chemistry and chemical biology. He is forever grateful to the incredible advisors, faculty, and peers at UW-Madison, and will always be a Badger at heart. He also wants to extend a special thanks to his parents and his brother, who is current Badger, for all their love and support.

Congratulations Sean Huth

Congratulations Sean

Sean Huth and friend Sean Huth and friend Sean Huth and friend


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