Ethan Emanuel Hyland

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2020 (Berry)

Position title: Honors Candidate

Professor John F. Berry
Research Mentor
Dr. Caleb Harris
Proposed Synthetic Route to Novel Tetracarboxylate Co(II) Paddlewheel-Type Complexes I
Ethan Hyland


I came to UW-Madison from Saint Paul, MN, knowing that I enjoyed AP Chemistry but not much else. My passion for chemistry was solidified while taking the introductory organic chemistry sequence and was put into practice in my research experience in the Berry lab. I am grateful for all the mentors along the way who challenged and inspired me to pursue my PhD in organic chemistry. I feel confident in beginning my next chapter in chemistry as I move to the University of Chicago to begin my graduate studies thanks to the dedicated professors who transformed learning into an exhilarating experience and the Berry research for helping me cultivate my dexterity in research. A special thanks to my research mentor, Dr. Caleb Harris, for his continual support and encouragement as I grew as a researcher, his advice and guidance has prepared me to take my abilities to the next level.

Ethan Hyland Ethan Hyland



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