Lori A. (LaPean) Hoffman

Credentials: B.S. 1990 (West & Millevolte)

Position title: Head of Alliance Management for Slayback Pharmaceuticals

Lori works as head of alliance management for Slayback Pharmaceuticals, where she manages relationships with external drug product manufacturing partners and API suppliers. She has been active in the Drug, Chemical, and Associated Technologies (DCAT) organization for several years, as the Chair of the Alliance for Industry Women Committee, and now as a member of the Board of Directors.

Lori has two sons, the elder is a sophomore Chemical Engineering student at UW-Madison and is in the UW Marching band. The younger son is a senior in high school and will either be attending UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota next year, as an Industrial Engineering major and a side hobby of creating computer animation short films.