John Michael Lilek

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2021

Future Plans
I will be going to pharmacy school here at UW-Madison for the next four years!

Hometown: Brookfield, WI

John Lilek earned his Bachelor of Science degree with two majors in chemistry and life sciences communication along with a certificate in business fundamentals in four years at UW-Madison. He spent four years employed by the athletic department, primarily with the football team, as a student video manager, helping his teams win the Orange, Pinstripe, and Duke’s Mayo bowls. Lilek has also worked with women’s hockey, men’s and women’s tennis, and softball. Lilek completed internships with MLG Capital and Stem Pharm, Inc. In his free time, Lilek enjoys watching football and other sports, spending time outdoors, and competing in shooting sports. In 2018, he won a collegiate national championship in trapshooting. He is also an Eagle Scout.


My favorite memory was definitely the organic chemistry classes I took, especially with Dr. Bowman, Dr. Weix, and Dr. Hill. Those three helped turn a class that many dread into something I thrived in and enjoyed. I especially credit Dr. Hill for his work in adjusting Chem 346 for online class and making it as smooth as possible for students in an online setting.

John Lilek, It is with love and pride that I congratulate you today and always. Grandma

Congratulations, John! It was a lot of fun having you in 547 and I wish you all the best as you start the next stage of your career! - Dan Weix

View of Madison, WI with Text: Congratulations John Lilek! We are so Proud of you!