Hillary Mitchell Warden

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Spring 2020 (Fredrickson)

Hometown: Owensville, Missouri

Professor Daniel C. Fredrickson
Maps to Structural Chemistry: Phase Transitions, Superstructures, and Incommensurability Explained Through the FAST Principle
Future Plans
Postdoc at Princeton University
Hillary Mitchell Warden


  • Mitchell Warden, H. E.; Fredrickson, D. C. Frustrated and Allowed Structural Transitions: The Theory-Guided Discovery of the Modulated Structure of IrSi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 19424−19435

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I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Missouri State University in 2015. As a member of the Inorganic Path in the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry, I worked in Prof. Danny Fredrickson’s group studying how electronics and atomic size lead to interesting and complicated structural chemistry in intermetallic compounds. After graduate school, I will be moving to Princeton, NJ to begin a postdoc with Professor Bob Cava at Princeton University. In addition to research, I have written and illustrated a series of comics teaching solid state chemistry concepts to a general audience.



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