Jacob Donald O'Hearn

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2020 (Bertram)

Position title: Candidate for Distinctive Scholastic Achievement

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

Professor Tim Bertram
Future Plans
Apply for medical school


  • Chem 561 with Professor Claude Woods
  • Chem 343 with Professor Steve Burke
  • Chem 345 with Professor Weix
  • Research in Bertram Lab


When I first arrived on campus, I wasn’t sure if chemistry was the right choice for me. However, after taking organic chemistry with Professor Burke and Professor Weix, I found chemistry to be the perfect fit. Conducting research in the Bertram lab under graduate student Gordon Novak (who recently finished his doctorate), I developed a stronger appreciation for chemistry as well as utilizing science to discover the unknown. Beyond the knowledge and experience gained during my path towards a chemistry degree, I met a lot of great, young chemists along the way. Without these friends, making my way through the many difficult chemistry courses would have been nearly impossible. Not only am I excited to see where my future goes, but I’m also looking forward to seeing where the futures of my chemistry friends go as well. I know we will all do great things!



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