Vanessa Orr

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Spring 2021 (McMahon and Woods)

I grew up in southern California and received my B.S. in chemistry from California Lutheran University. In the fall of 2014, I joined the McMahon | Woods Research Group in the Department of Chemistry at UW-Madison. My graduate research focused on the rotational spectroscopy of organic molecules that are relevant to astrochemistry. I also had amazing some opportunities during my graduate studies, including working with Cheri Barta in the Undergraduate Research Office and volunteering on the Chemistry Opportunities (CHOPs) Team. After graduation I am staying in Madison and starting a new job.

Robert McMahon
Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy and Structure Determination of Organic Molecules of Astrochemical Relevance
Future Plans
I will be working as the Bioimaging North America (BINA) Program Administrator at the Morgridge Institute for Research in Madison, WI.
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Orr, V. L.; Esselman, B. J.; Dorman, P. M.; Amberger, B. K.; Guzei, I. A.; Woods, R. C.; McMahon, R. J. Millimeter-wave Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystal Structure, and Quantum Chemical Studies of Diketene – Resolving Ambiguities Concerning the Structure of the Ketene Dimer. J. Phys. Chem. A. 2016, 120 (39), 7753-7763.


My favorite memory of being a chemistry graduate student is all the amazing colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with. This department is made up of amazing faculty, staff, and students, and it has been a fantastic working with them. It was particularly fun to get together at the department’s summer BBQ’s on Friday afternoons!