Aditya Narayan Singh

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Summer 2020

Position title: Honors Candidate

Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Professor Arun Yethiraj
Using Machine Learning Methods to Predict Phase Boundaries of Off Latice Systems
Future Plans
I'll be joining University of California-Berkeley to pursue a PhD in theoretical chemistry. I'm ardently looking forward to employ methodologies in the frontiers of computer science to solve problems in chemistry.


  • Singh, A.N.; Yethiraj, A. Driving Force for the Complexation of Charged Polypeptides. Journal of Physical
    Chemistry B. 2020, 124 (7), 1285-1292. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.9b09553
  • Singh, A.N.; Dyre, J. C.; Pederson, U.R. Solid-liquid coexistence of noble elements. I. Theory illustrated by the case of argon. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Singh, A.N.; Dyre, J. C.; Pederson, U.R. Solid-liquid coexistence of noble elements. II. Neon, krypton and xenon. Manuscript under preparation.


After spending years overwhelmed by how little knowledge I had of the field I was researching in, I remember running some calculations during my summer after junior year that made my research project fall in place. That was definitely the most intellectually satisfying moment I’ve had as a chemistry major.


I got hooked on programming very early and as much as I enjoyed it, I felt that the field of computer science was vastly monetized. During the time, I also developed an interest to delve deeper into subjects than what was imposed by the syllabus. Motivated by these interests and by my interactions with my uncle who is a professor in UMD, I was allured by academia. Once I joined UW, I went through two major realizations. The first one was the essence of interdisciplinarity, the fact that there are no boundaries in science and every field is closely interwoven. The second realization which came after I had attended multiple conferences and finished a research internship at Roskilde University in Denmark was how cool professors, graduate students and other members of academia are. These realizations helped me get a feeling of belonging in a field that I’ve wanted to go into since high school, and I hope to uphold this tradition of curiosity and humility as I move forward with my career.

Aditya Singh



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