Calvin Nicholas Spolar

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2020 (Buller)

Position title: Candidate for Distinctive Scholastic Achievement

Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI

Professor Andrew Buller
Future Plans
I'll be moving to New Jersey this Fall to enroll in Princeton University's Chemistry graduate program.


My favorite memories are from last summer, when after our full days of research in our respective labs, my friends and I would walk straight downtown from the Chemistry building to play trivia, chat about the reactions we’d run, and just have fun!


Calvin grew up in Wauwatosa, WI, with his parents and his younger brother. As he grew up, Calvin thoroughly enjoyed all his subjects in school, was a band member, played recreational soccer, and became an Eagle Scout with Milwaukee’s Troop 61. After graduating high school, Calvin accepted an offer at UW Madison, planning to attend in search of his dream major. It was barely a year before he fell in love with Organic Chemistry. Soon after, Calvin joined the Buller Group as an Undergraduate Researcher, officially declared the Chemistry major, and never looked back. At UW, Calvin also studied Classics with Latin Emphasis, worked as a Chemistry Tutor and a House Fellow for two years apiece, and was the treasurer of the UW Madison Sheepshead Club. In his free time, Calvin has always been an avid nature-lover and boardgame-player, which are his favorite past-times to this day.



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