Pingli Wei

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Summer 2020 (Li)

Hometown: Jilin, China

Professor Lingjun Li
Method Development and Application of Mass Spectrometry-based Omics Analyses
Future Plans
Finding a job in a pharmaceutical company. Applying what I have learned in these five years to improve people's lives.
Pingli Wei


  • Pingli Wei, Caitlin Keller, Lingjun Li. “Neuropeptides in Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis and Their Influence on Host Immunity and Stress.” Accepted by CSBJ.
  • Pingli Wei, Ling Hao, Samuel Thomas, Amanda Rae Buchberger, William Ricke, Paul Marker, Lingjun Li. “Urinary Amine Metabolomics Characterization of a Hormone-Induced Urinary Obstruction Mouse Model with Custom 12-plex Isobaric DiLeu labeling.” Under reviewed by JASMS.
  • Pingli Wei, Ling Hao, Fengfei Ma, Qing Yu, Amanda Buchberger, Sanghee Lee, Wade Bushman, Lingjun Li. “Urinary Metabolomics and Proteomics Analysis of an E.coli-Induced Prostatic Inflammation Mouse Model.” Under reviewed by JPR.
  • Pingli Wei, Caitlin Keller, Jennifer R. Bratburd, Rui Liu, Eugenio Vivas, Erin Gemperline, Federico E. Rey, Cameron R. Currie, Lingjun Li. “Integrated, Multi-Omics Strategy to Study the Gut Microbiota Response to Salmonella enterica Typhimurium Infection in Humanized Mice.” To be submitted.
  • Pingli Wei*, Qing Yu*, Haidan Sun*, Fengfei Ma, Vaishali P Bakshi, Wei Sun, Zhi Zheng, Chun Zeng, Lingjun Li. “Novel Mass Spectrometry Approach for Comprehensive Neuropeptidome Characterization and its Application to Analysis of Human Pituitary Tumor.” (*Co-First authors) To be submitted.
  • Pingli Wei, Fengfei Ma, Woo-Ping Ge, Lingjun Li. “Neuropeptidomic Study of the Mammalian Subcommissural Organ (SCO) by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.” To be submitted.
  • Pingli Wei, Ewa Jankowska-Gan, Diego Lema, Lynn D Haynes, Matthew Brown, William J Burlingham, Lingjun Li. “Self-target Antigen Characterization to Improve Heart and Lung Post-Transplant Survival Rate.” To be submitted.
  • Ning Yang, Krishna D. B. Anapindi, Stanislav S. Rubakhin, Pingli Wei, Qing Yu, Lingjun Li, Paul J. Kenny, Jonathan V. Sweedler. “Neuropeptidomics of the Rat Habenular Nuclei.” Journal of Proteome Research, 2018.
  • Ling Hao, Yuerong Zhu, Pingli Wei, Jillian Johnson, Amanda Buchberger, Dustin Frost, W. John Kao, Lingjun Li. “Metandem: A novel online software platform for mass spectrometry-based isobaric labeling metabolomics.” Journal of Analytica Chimica Acta, 2019.
  • Ling Hao, Pingli Wei, Jingxin Wang, Tyler Greer, Ozioma Okonkwo, Lingjun Li. “Absolute Quantification of Amine Metabolites in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid via MS1-centric Isotopic DiLeu (iDiLeu) Labeling.” To be submitted.
  • Caitlin Keller, Pingli Wei, Benjamin Wancewicz, Tzu-Wen L Cross, Frederico Rey, Lingjun Li. “Extraction Optimization for Combined Metabolomics, Peptidomics, and Proteomics Analysis of Cecum Gut Microbiota Samples.” To be submitted.
  • Rui Liu, Pingli Wei, Caitlin Keller, Nicola Salvatore Orefice, Yatao Shi, Zihui Li, Junfeng Huang, Yusi Cui, Dustin C. Frost, Shuying Han, Tzu-Wen L. Cross, Federico E. Rey, Lingjun Li. “Integrated Label-Free and Ten-Plex DiLeu Tag Quantitative Methods for Profiling Changes in the Mouse Hypothalamic Neuropeptidome and Proteome under Different Gut Microbiota Environments.” To be submitted.
  • Fengfei Ma, Pingli Wei, Jingxin Wang, Vaishali Bakshi, Brian Baldo, Lingjun Li. “Profiling peptidomic changes in major brain regions in response to cocaine intoxication and withdrawal.” Manuscript in preparation.
  • Chunlan Tang, Pingli Wei, Min Ma, Lingjun Li. “Multi-omics profiling of rat liver reveals linoleic acid metabolic pathways associated with Alzheimer’s disease.” Manuscript in preparation.


The first semester of our Analytical Chemistry path is crazy! We needed to take the course 621, we needed to be teaching assistants, and we needed to rotate to join a research lab. I still remembered at the end of the first semester, I finished the course 621, got a good evaluation from both the teaching professor and students, and joined my dream lab (Prof. Lingjun Li). That was the happiest moment during my graduate school. Any challenge in these five years was a piece of cake compared with the first semester. I am really grateful for this progress design. One should be the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comforts.


I am Pingli Wei, a Ph.D. candidate of the Chemistry Department in Dr. Lingjun Li group. My research focuses on MS-based targeted and untargeted omics analysis. I have established multiplex isobaric (DiLeu) and isotopic (iDiLeu) labeling strategies for untargeted and targeted metabolomics study and applied it to biomarker discovery in human CSF and mice urine for AD and LUST study. I have also developed a novel MS approach for comparative neuropeptide characterization with a decision-tree driven MS method and applied it to human pituitary tumors, subcommissural organ, and PTSD study. Besides, I integrated metabolomics, peptidomics, and proteomics to investigate how the host immune system is shaped by human microbiome during infection. I am the first author of seven peer-reviewed articles and present my research at different symposiums and conferences.

Pingli Wei and family


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