Mengcheng "Windy" Wu

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Spring 2020 (Goldsmith)

Position title: Candidate for Distinctive Scholastic Achievement

Hometown: Guangzhou Guangdong, China

Professor Randall Goldsmith
Future Plans
Getting my PhD! I have no plan after that yet.


Playing with potentiostat and Labview with my graduate-student mentor Andrew, while listening to some great music.


I am very glad to meet a lot of great professors here that had guided me to seek my next step in chemistry—-getting a PhD. It was a long way looking back—-I had changed so much and learned so much in these four years. I want to thank Prof. Weix, Prof. Burke, Prof. Cox (Biochemistry), Prof. Buller and Prof. Martell for their teaching and advice. Last but not least, I want to thank my research advisor Randy, my grad student mentor Andrew and the Goldsmith group for their support during these four years. They helped me become confident in doing science and they prepared me to be a scientist. Thank you Randy & Goldsmith group!


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