Zhijie "Abe" Wu

Credentials: Chemistry Ph.D., Summer 2020 (Ge)

Professor Ying Ge
Investigations on Protein Phosphorylation and Its Regulators by Top-down Mass Spectrometry
Future Plans
After graduation, I plan to work on drug research and development in the pharmaceutical industry.
Zhijie Wu


My favorite memory as a chemistry graduate student is the time I was hosting Professor Joanne Stubbe from MIT for the chemical biology McElvain seminar. Aside from the interesting conversation I had with the speaker, tracking her flight during a vicious snowstorm and accompanying her to Babcock Hall for Badgers ice cream best describe my favorite memory for my time in UW-Madison.


I am originally from Guangzhou China. I went to University of Rochester in Rochester, New York for my undergraduate studies and graduated in 2015. At UW-Madison, I studied under Prof. Ying Ge as a graduate student in the chemical biology path. My research projects include characterization and quantification of phosphoproteins, enrichment of low abundant proteins, and utilization of bioinformatic tools to enhance top-down proteomic analysis. I am one of the recipients of Robert C. Doban Mentoring Award.

Abe and Friends

Abe at a Poster Session


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