Cassandra "Cassie" Marie Zimdars

Credentials: Chemistry BS, Summer 2020

Hometown: Madison, WI

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Nicholas Hill
Future Plans
I hope to continue to grow my love for chemistry as I join a lab in the Madison area. I hope to continue my career by working in food science or cosmetic chemistry.
Cassie Zimdars


My favorite memory of being a chem major is the presentation of my Chem 346 poster. I was so proud of my project and all the work I had done to make my results shine. Plus, it was the only pink poster there!


My interest in chemistry was sparked by my first chemistry class my sophomore year of high school, and I have been enamored with it ever since. I transferred to UW-Madison my junior year after starting my college career at UWM-Waukesha and was blown away by the support I received from my new peers. One of my biggest dreams in transferring here was becoming a part of a research lab, and in spring of 2020, I was fortunate enough to make that dream a reality by working under Dr. Nicholas Hill. I am so incredibly grateful for the friendship, encouragement, and learning opportunities I received while at UW-Madison!

Cassie Zimdars



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